Trans Power Services

fleetSince its inception in 2000, Trans Power has grown to proudly offer services in many different areas of the transportation industry:

  • Dedicated Service
  • Full-Service Leasing
  • Contract Carrier
  • Contract Maintenance

Dedicated Service

Trans Power provides a complete turn-key transportation system including drivers, tractors, trailers, dispatch, maintenance, and insurance. All aspects of the customer’s dedicated transportation program is completely managed by Trans Power. The customer has control over the fleet without the risks associated with owning equipment and insuring the drivers.

Trans Power Full-Service Leasing

Trans Power is a member of the National Truck Leasing System, or NationaLease, which has a network of over 700 service locations throughout the nation. Our full-service equipment lease provides all maintenance, tires, fuel, washing, tax reporting, permitting, and licensing of the equipment. The customer provides only the driver, and Trans Power provides everything else.

Trans Power Contract Carrier Service

Customers who have one-way shipments also turn to Trans Power to provide their transportation needs. This service provides customers a service very similar to that of a dedicated carriage service without the assignment of equipment. Trans Power provides service to all 48 lower states with this operation.

Trans Power Contract Maintenance

Another program provided by Trans Power is for the customer who owns its own equipment and needs a professional maintenance program. We offer maintenance programs that can be tailored to a customer’s needs based on equipment application and availability. DOT-qualified mechanics on duty 24 hours a day at our service locations can fulfill any mechanical need.